Square Dancing is Friendship Set to Music

Modern Square dancing and round dancing are fun social activities. It is said that “Square dancing is friendship set to music,” with four couples in a set. Round dancing is choreographed and cued ballroom dancing by individual couples. At most event dances, “squares” are interspersed with “rounds”.

What is Square Dancing? (from British Association of American Square Dance Clubs.)

It’s a party. Square Dancing is party time every time you do it. Square Dancing brings people together for fun and friendship. The fun starts on the very first night.

It’s modern. The music we use for square dancing is everything from present-day pop to all-time standards, with some Country and Western for good measure.

It’s suitable for all. Square dancers are aged from 8 to 80. It is a great activity for all the family.

It helps to keep you fit and healthy. Square dancing is the perfect exercise. It combines all the positive aspects of intense physical exercise with none of the negative elements. Square dancing is a low impact activity requiring constant movement and quick directional changes that keep the body in shape. As with all regular exercise square dancing can lead to a slower heart rate, lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol profile.

It burns off calories. During an hour of square dancing you can burn between 400 and 800 calories.

It’s a mental challenge. Modern square dancing is a mental challenge. Reacting quickly to the square dance caller keeps you mentally on your toes. Whilst concentrating on the moves you escape from your worries and pressures.

It’s team work. Your team of eight dancers depend on each other to keep the dance moving.

It’s sociable. Square dancing contains a social component that solitary fitness activities do not. You are given the opportunity to develop strong social ties which contribute to self esteem and a positive outlook.


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