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Hervey Bay Square Dance Club Inc. celebrated its 30th  Anniversary in March 2019. It was officially incorporated in 1989. but there was already Square Dancing in Hervey Bay several years before then.

Today it is still an active, vibrant club. Some members may have moved, passed on, or changed their interest, but a core of dancers remained. Those dancers have volunteered their time and energy to run the club over the years. It is a committee run and members driven club.

The Hervey Bay Square Dance Club has no permanent caller like most clubs do. Our music comes from various sources, records, tapes, CDs and since 2010 they’re all on our laptop. This makes it really easy as members can make up playlists from the large range of CDs of all the various callers.

We are very lucky to be able to dance to callers like Brian Hotchkies from Sydney, Mike Davies from Victoria, Glenn Wilson, Kay Walker, Gary Petersen and Nev McLachlan from Queensland, various American callers such as; Jerry Jestin, Jerry Story, Randy Dougherty, Jet Roberts, Mike Saestrom and Bronc Wise at any of our club sessions.

Over the last few years we have increased those dance sessions to 3 a week.

On Monday night we dance PLUS, dress is anything causal and comfy. Monday night too is a friendly group, happy to dance to a mixed batch of callers. We use a gamut of levels, some tracks are just to relax by and others are more challenging and may need several goes to work out the formations.

On Wednesday we still have our long standing Mainstream session, we start at 7pm. In Mainstream we dance to a great variety of callers, some tracks are challenging, and some are just sheer fun. It all combines to make an interesting, invigorating dance evening. This night most dancers take the opportunity to wear some of their Square Dance outfits, just to stop them going mouldy.

In 2012 we decided to change the Thursday afternoon session, which was started in 2007. Although it was always a very relaxed and happy group, and we increased our member base by teaching new dancers the steps, the group did not grow, as many learners did not continue. Daytime session is now on Saturday mornings 9.30am -11.30am. Saturday was chosen with the aim to attract people who are still working or who already have a full week day agenda. This is a also casual dress session and we encourage members and visitors alike to join in to support our learners and enjoy a fun social morning.

As well as all those weekly dance sessions, we organize regular socials. Throughout the year we have guest callers. Check our Events Calendar for dates, caller and theme. On top of those we organise Club social nights. Which may mean a ‘special requests’ CD Social or a quiz night, or a dinner dance, those nights are open to suggestions and may not always be on a Saturday night. Check our site for special events nearer the date. Besides those dance events we have outings and social get-togethers like BBQs, progressive dinners, go for coffee, attend special events, do demonstrations locally and anything else the members come up with. None of those gatherings are on a ‘MUST attend’ footing, just if you feel like it.

Like so many social groups around town, Hervey Bay Square Dance Club is totally run by volunteers. Dan Dinna House provides an ideal venue for the dancing, it has a sprung hard wood floor and there is a kitchen to prepare our suppers.

We hope this gives you a better idea of our club.  Our web site too is done by volunteers and we trust you find the information you are looking for and more, if not please drop us a line or call, we’ll be happy to assist.

Happy Dancing & Happy Trails to YOU!


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