Modern Square Dancing why would you do it?

Modern Square Dancing why would you do it?

There are lots of reasons, really. Firstly one may think you’re just going to learn some kind of dance. True, but that’s not all. While you learn the steps, you make friends and you become part of an Australian, even worldwide, family. Square Dancing is a very relaxed, sociable activity, there’s always lots of laughter and both the brain and the body get a work out. As in any family all age groups can participate.

Whether you enjoy contemporary, Country and Western, Classical, Disco or Easy Listening music, there’s something for everyone as the whole spectrum of genres is used these days.

Conventions are held at State and National levels, drawing crowds of hundreds (thousands in the USA and Europe) of dancers just for the joy of dance and the fun of sharing a mutual interest.

Everything you learn is portable, as the movements are the same wherever you go and the calling is always done in English. Dancers from Hervey Bay have travelled throughout Australia, 


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