Hervey Bay Square Dance Club Inc.
Newsletter October 2009
President: Alec Webster 41248606    41248606
Secretary: Doreen Wright 41946647
Treasurer: Joan 41249593    

Do you notice anything different, other than the pictures and the text? Yes, if you are observant you’ll notice I’ve added Joan’s number in as well, makes sense, it’s on all our advertising too. And yes, we have a new secretary, welcome Doreen, and thanks again Wendy.

What is very different and very sad, is that Archie is no longer part of our club, no longer part of our planet. His passing is felt as a loss. His dedication and his commitment to our club was total. Yet, even though we can no longer laugh with him or tease him in person, we can cherish the memories of a generous person in our midst. We were fortunate that Arch & Edith opted to travel to Hervey Bay every week to be part of our dancing. Our heart goes out to Edith who now stands alone.  

We’ve had a few meetings since our last Newsletter, and I will try to pull together all the information of interest to you and everything you really need to remember. There are a lot of dates for your calendar.

Starting in October the dance of the 24th has been relocated to the 31st. Thanks to David Habler being very accommodating and the hall being available. The theme is Halloween, it’s been made Orange and Black this year, should end up more colourful. It also means there will be 3 consecutive dances. November 7th in Mbro with Glen Wilson, Nov 14th our very own Graduation night with David Smythe.
For our Plussers, all callers are doing Plus sessions, in Hervey Bay we dance 2-4.30pm, Mbro is 2.30-5pm.

Our Christmas celebrations are more spread out this year.
Starting on Wednesday 16th of December at 5.30pm is our club dinner & Xmas party. The meal will be catered for.
Guests are welcome, but need to pay $5.00 for their meal.
Thursday 17th break-up party, bring a small plate. Saturday 19th some great dancing with Sid Leighton, including Plus in the afternoon (I hope)
Monday 21st last Plus session for the year. WOW!!!!

I am sure you’d like to know when we start up again, so here goes some more
First dance will be Wednesday night January 27th – note we start at 7pm, until the learners start up again.
Monday Plus starts 1st of February, with the Thursday returning on the 4th, this will be standard Mainstream until we get some learners.

Regarding the new learning classes for next year, David Smythe will kick off with a ‘come-and-try’ on Saturday 27th of March, 2-4.30pm.
At night he will help us celebrate our 21st Birthday. To engage those interested straight away, the beginner classes will commence the following Wednesday, 31st March, at 6pm – 7.30pm as previous years, and the Thursday, on April 1st,  will hold their beginner group from 1-2pm. This allows those who have learnt the moves to come back and enjoy a social time to consolidate their learning.
Any Mainstream dancer will be welcome on Thursdays. If you know people who are interested, pass on the dates and times             .
A second ‘come-and-try’ day is planned for Saturday April 3rd, with David Habler as the guest caller. Same times.

I will do up a basic list of dates to remember for the notice board to carry us over. Our caller dates will have to wait for the responses to our invitations. Do we want a social night in February? Even if not with a caller, we could do a Saturday dance
with CDs, just to socialise? Thoughts are welcome.
Maryborough has a big dance planned for March the 13th, they too are celebrating 21 year of dancing!

The Review is a monthly magazine with Square Dance News from all around Australia. It gives advance notice of special events, keeps us informed about changes and lets us know what other clubs are doing. Currently we receive 4 copies each month and these are quickly snapped up at $1.00 each, we intend to increase that number to 6, if anybody else would like their own copy, please let us know.  If you think a rotation system might be as good, or a club copy for perusal on dance nights is a good idea, let us know.

To increase our profile in the community it was suggested we do some demonstrations or event participation close to our ‘come-and-try’ days. What do we think of a demo dance on our ‘come-and-try’ days? (as well) Can you please put your name on the ‘Happy to join in with demonstrations” sheet, because we need to know if can get the bodies on the floor. Thanks.

While I am asking for help, I urge everyone to come at 6pm on Wednesday from now on, the learners are doing the Mainstream moves, and most of us will benefit from the detailed manner in which Nev McLachlan teaches the moves. The same applies to Thursday afternoon, there’s no harm in having two squares up on Thursday. Your presence is not so much to help the learners at this stage, but to help yourself and our dance level. It is mostly the mainstream moves that cause us to break down, particularly when called from various positions.

Help too will be needed for our dance nights.
Decorations need to be put up, some don’t agree, but it certainly adds to the atmosphere.
If you have something which is quick to put up, but has a high impact, can we borrow it?
Check the themes and get involved.
For the 31st anything orange, black, ghostly, ghastly, spiders, cauldrons????
Graduation night is Club Colours = blue & white, any ideas to make it more special?
We need numbers for our Christmas break up dinner, put your name down, and do you have suggestions for the hall?

The grant application for a laptop and related pieces of equipment has been finalised and sent off, it is most important to get your papers in before the closing date. So, thanks a lot to Michiel and Doreen for moving so quickly and thanks too to the others who contributed with data needed.

We also have to thank the people who offer their time to put together our Wednesday nights. Whether they prepare a full program in advance, or whether they choose to select CDs on the night, it is a responsibility and not an easy task. Sometimes even a rather thankless task, as often somebody will find fault. Let’s all get behind those who program our dances, give support wherever possible and make sure they too get their fair share of dancing. We need to look after each other, take turns if there are not full squares, and accept that some of the callers put out some odd tracks. Can anyone come up with a simple, fail proof system to mark real dud tracks? Remember however that we all have different tastes, and dancing to different and varied tracks will benefit our dancing.

The list of callers has been circulated and we will approach those who got the most votes. It is mostly up to each caller to slot us into their calendar, so dates won’t be available for a while. If you know of any specific dates we need to avoid, or which could be particularly suited, please let us know, share the information before we finalise the bookings. Thank you.

Before we close we need to celebrate.
For October 12th Alec (you did keep that very quiet, seeing we had a meeting on that day!),
Sandra 15th,
November is a very busy month Joy 6th, Doris 17th, Tony 20th, Michiel 24th and Frank 25th.
To all the people who have their Birthdays in October and November a very warm
Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns! Enjoy your day!

Congratulations to all our Graduates. 14th of November is your night!
Absolute brilliant effort, your dedication and perseverance sees you joining the ranks of Mainstream dancers. Welcome to the floor, may your enjoyment of Square Dancing last your whole life long, and may you make many good friends in the process.

I was about to say welcome back to our travellers, when some have packed their cases already and are off again, seeking more adventures. Well, Glenda is home from a long journey, glad to have you back in one piece! If you are going on a trip, have a wonderful time, but keep safe and come back with happy stories.

Remember to pass on any snippets of interest, items of importance or just fun stories to include in our Newsletter. If there are topics you would like to be included in our club Newsletter, speak up.  It will make my job a little easier and the pages a lot more relevant. Remember you can send your bits in to our very own email address; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  keeps all our correspondence neatly together.

With a bit of luck we’ll have another edition in December to carry you over the Holiday Period.
Till then, be kind to each other and yourself, keep smiling and however you do it,
KEEP DANCING! See you on the floor.

Leaving you with a smile:
The other night a father went to fetch his 13-year-old daughter from her first formal dance. He says that as he watched her coming across the ballroom floor in her pretty party dress, he felt a pang of wistfulness. She looked so unlike the little dungaree-clad tomboy he was used to. “Daddy”, she said, as he helped her on with her coat, ”we don’t have to go right away, do we? I want to wait for David.”
So she was really growing up, he thought. “Why do you want to wait for David?” he asked her teasingly.
“Because,” the young miss answered grimly, “he stepped all over my feet and I want to pop him one!”