Hervey Bay Square Dance Club Inc.
Newsletter March  2010
President: Tony Quattromani 4125 5091    41248606
Secretary: Doreen Wright 4194 6647
Treasurer: Alec 4124 8606    

Hello Everyone
Just thought I had better put pen to paper and bring everyone up to date and remind you all of your jobs.
First  up we have a new committee, we thank the committee from last year for keeping the club on an even keel and
we welcome the members who are willing to take the tasks this year. In the Management Committee we have:

President: Tony Quattromani                                         
Vice President: Coraleen Moorcroft                             
Secretary: Doreen Wright
Treasurer: Alec Webster
Assistant Treasurer: Wendy Susec
Assistant Secretary: Samantha Van Zonneveld                                            
Committee Members: Alf Wassmer , Daphne Boyle, Michiel Boerlage

Please support your committee in any way possible, the best way to know what’s going on, is to be involved.

March is a very active month for Square Dancers in the area, two 21st Birthday parties and 2 nights with Brian Hotchkies!  How lucky can we get?  The night at Maryborough was a huge success, lots of meeting up with old friends, great food and of course, a great time on the dance floor. Our own 21st is this Saturday, 27th of March with David Smythe, starting at 7pm. Make sure you are aware of your part in the 21st Birthday celebrations. There’s a list with things to volunteer for (or be volunteered for), if your name does not yet have a tick, take a look and choose a job. If you can’t work it out, see Samantha. (she made the lists)

David is also running our free ‘Come-and-Try’ again on that same day, 2-4.30pm. Please come and join in the fun, it always adds to the afternoon to have extra dancers there. No need to go home after, as we are putting on a tropical BBQ, starting at 5.30. Non-members are asked to pay $5.00 for the BBQ.  
The theme for the evening is Colours of the Caribbean, and there are changing facilities at Dan’Dinna House.

Following the first come-and-try is the start of new beginner classes. One on Wednesday 31st March from 6-7.30pm, and the other on Thursday 1st April from 1-2pm. A friendly reminder that Angels are much needed at both sessions.  The Thursday now also has two sections, the learners’ is followed by social Square Dancing. We all need to make our new people feel welcome and at ease, let them know that after their learning session, they are free to stay on for a cup of tea or coffee and a relax.  Last year’s graduates, you are urged to return this year as Angels, this assists with the new learners, it consolidates your own learning and it helps to build a stronger club.

To help with settling people in, we are going to use a full circle bracket between the learner and Mainstream sessions. A bit like a ‘Hello/Goodbye’ change over.  Nev McLachlan has lots of those on his learner tapes, previously we have skipped those, thrown them in the ‘too-hard’ basket. They may be just the ticket to get people to mix and feel they are part of our club.
Please make sure you are there to join in and lend a smile.

If you know of anyone wanting to start Square Dancing you can tell them of our ‘Learner’s Package’. The first two lessons will be free; the next 10 lessons can be paid for upfront with a $5.00 discount, instead of paying $30.00 they only pay $25.00, each week their discount card will get signed off on arrival. You guessed it, by the time the 12 weeks are up, they won’t want to leave. (that’s the theory) 60s and better have agreed to the $5.00 discount on Thursday, plus the 2 free sessions, as well. That makes Thursday $20.00 up front for 10 lessons, (it’s really 12). So pass it on.

Remember too that we will have a second free Come-and-Try on April 10th. David Habler will be conducting that one, with a social dance at night. The suggestion was to have it as a delayed Easter Dance, in which case we could have an Easter Bonnet Parade included. That could be fun! You can dig out one you never got to use. Colours are up to you, what do you associate with Easter? (other then the Bunny?) For decorating perhaps we could use yellow and purple? Many of us will be off to Buderim at the Easter Weekend to dance not only to Nev McLachlan, but also Mike Davies and Howard Cockburn. Should be a great weekend, enjoy & safe travels.

The following social caller night is May the 8th with Gary Petersen. Every month, except June & August, we have a social caller night on the 2nd Saturday, should be easy to remember. Maryborough has theirs on the 4th Saturday.  Please check our calendar of events and mark the dates on your calendar!  
We asked for theme suggestions for our caller nights, check the list, tick the ones you like best,
cross the ones you wouldn’t like, add some more, whatever, do something.  

People who would like to start learning PLUS, can you please let Daphne know? It was decided to incorporate this into our Wednesday night, one move at the time, in a time slot before supper, while the brain is still active. Support from existing Plussers will be appreciated; in the end it benefits the whole club. If you have comments or suggestions about this idea, please speak out.

You will all have been sent, or have now received, the minutes of the last General meeting. It is a very comprehensive record of all of the decisions, ideas, opinions, at the meeting. Thanks goes to Keep it for reference and to use at the next general meeting with your comments and thoughts. Any changed ways of doing things will work best with everyone’s support, we won’t know until we try, and everything is open to adjustment. Just remember that changes are meant to benefit the club as a whole, to try and make it more friendly, and make people want to be there. Tony suggested we hold other events outside our dance times, are there any suggestions as to what people might like to do together?

We have had a request from the Garden Show committee to see if we are willing to participate again this year. It will be held in September, (father’s day wknd?) at the PCYC this time. Give it a thought so you are prepared when we ask you to put your hand up. If you have suggestions as to where else we could do a demonstration, let the secretary know, or place it in the suggestion box.

Just as well I did the Happy Birthdays for February in December, those are now long gone.  
March has 4 people celebrating; Alf was on 17th, with Brian Hotchkies, what a way to celebrate! Iris on 24th that’s a dancing day!, Wendy P on 29th and Joan on 31st.
April and May have only one each , Kym celebrates on the 4th of April and
May the 17th is Bev’s special day.  Many Happy Returns of the day to all you Birthday People.

When Eileen and Samantha went to Arizona they met up with some wonderful people. As a result it was suggested we adopt the club from Cottonwood, called the Roadrunners, as our sister club. All in the  interest of Square Dancing and Friendship.  We will exchange ideas and one day we may exchange dancers.

Goes to everybody who chips in and ensures our club runs well, keeps us dancing and helps with making it a friendly place to be. That means anyone who takes a turn to do the music, helps to set up the hall, gets the supper ready, washes up, clears away the rubbish, collects our mail, chats to others, helps with learners, shows tolerance with the dancing, joins in with organising events, is an active committee member or works behind the scenes, all of you, your support is very much appreciated, even if at times you think it goes unnoticed.

In closing I want us to stop for a moment and think of those who don’t dance with us now.
Pam, who moved to NSW to be with her daughter, we miss her happy smiles, but Pam will share them with new Square Dancers.
Joan, who is still in Brisbane hospital, awaiting more tests and treatments. Our thoughts are with Joan, we hope all turns out well in the end, but mean while we miss her. Joan has always been there to open up, to take our money, to be an Angel, to get coffee and tea ready, to make up a square, to pay bills, to run errands, to collect mail, whow, no wonder we miss her! Get well, Joan!

Another one we all miss terribly is Frank. Our keenest dancer, so often Frank would be the first on the floor, dancing every bracket.
Even when travelling around Australia, Frank and Glenda would dance wherever they could. But it was not just his dancing; it was his generous nature, willingness to lend a hand, being ready with a smile, a jest and happy to share his friendship, which made him so well loved by all. We were lucky to have Frank in our midst. We all have our own memories of Frank and as we cherish those memories, we honour Frank’s life.
When we square up quickly and happily, and do an extra whirl here and there, we remember Frank.

We wish all the travellers safe journeys and happy home-comings.

Remember, any ideas, suggestions, thoughts, jokes, articles, newsy bits; put pen to paper and drop us a line. Or get on the keyboard and send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .We welcome any input.
Keep well, look after one another and smile!
Till next issue.

Life may not be the party you hoped for, but while you are here, you might as well dance!