Hervey Bay Square Dance Club Inc.
Newsletter July 2009
President: Alec Webster 4124 8606    41248606
Secretary: Wendy Susec 4128 2279    

You most likely had given up on our Newsletter for the rest of the year, but, just to prove you wrong, I finally got myself motivated to put pen to paper and share some news. We have been fortunate to still have 2 squares on Wednesday, in spite of many members still away. From the travellers the news is good, they are enjoying themselves and keeping well, they say to say hello to everyone.
(isn’t it magic, all that electronic chatting around the country and the globe!)

Where Arch is concerned, our thoughts are with him at this very trying time. It is a hard and lonely road to travel, if you have a minute, send a note or call Stephen (his son), just to let him know he is missed and we wish him the very best and strength to see him through. If you have an idea how we can support him more, let us know.

It has been a while since our last general meeting and I can’t remember any decisions made. We have done a lot of jobs behind the scenes, most go unnoticed, but I would like to put in a thank you to our committee members. Between them they ensure music is played on Wednesday nights, our money is collected and banked, coffee, sugar, milk & tea is available, speakers are mounted, callers are organised and reminded, hall is booked for our usage, Plus people are kept on their toes on Monday nights, tapes are converted to CDs for ease of use and learners are kept dancing. There’s more as any active member knows, and it is all voluntary.
A big thank you as well to our members who chip in wherever they can, if you don’t know how you can help, ask.

On Wednesday nights we sometimes need help with our beginners, so if you can get to the dance earlier to make up two squares so we don’t need to rotate the learners that will be great. We can’t predict how many beginners turn up; if they all arrive we have a full square.
Bring your knitting if you don’t like being idle.

It has been great having visitors pop in and make up squares, thanks to everyone for making them welcome.
More thank yous! All of you who made time available to do the demonstrations! The one at Fraser Shores was very successful and enjoyed by dancers and audience alike. We’ve been asked for a repeat performance! Well done!

I just noted in our committee minutes that it has been decided to invite our beginners to our caller nights for added practice. The idea is that they dance till supper time only on a alternate bracket system.
Remind me to let the callers know! The regular learners actually know enough moves to make an interesting bracket. Make sure you make our new dancers welcome too.

The other item from the same source is the resurrection of workshopping on Wednesday nights. Just a 10-15 minute walk through of moves which for one reason or another are causing us to break down a bit too often.
Anyone who feels unsure of a move, or a move done from a particular formation, please jot it down and pass it on,
no need to put a name against it if you feel iffy about that. Feel free to share your particular move.

For our next social night the theme is Winter Woollies – and it was decided to make it a Soup Supper! Can we please sort ourselves out, we won’t need 20 varieties of soup, so maybe pooling is an idea? Perhaps various sorts of bread to go with the soup? Any other ideas? Pass them around. (we have 2 weeks to get organised) Any decorating ideas and/or donations?

An item which has been bounced around for a while is the purchase of a laptop. Are you still giving that some thought? The idea is that it could be used for various purposes. Not only could we transfer all our music onto it to use at any of our dances, it could also be used by the secretary, and the treasurer. Currently we rely heavily on the private ownership of a computer to execute any of the tasks for which a computer, and internet for that matter, is necessary. Just something to mull over. I believe Michael had priced some at around $1000.- mark.

My tardiness has resulted in these Birthday Wishes being very belated;
For Bev, Arch, Judith, Tui, and John, in May and June,
but we enjoyed the shared cakes!          Glenda & Eileen had their special day in July.
And Tu-Le, Doug, Seiko, Marjorie will celebrate in August, whilst Edith’s is in September.
To all our Birthday people, we hope you had/have a great day and many happy returns!

It is with sadness that we have received Wendy’s resignation as secretary. It is a demanding position, and a very important one. Thank you Wendy for all the effort you have put in, we are just sorry that work and family make it  too difficult a juggling act to continue. Thanks for giving it a go, and we’ll still enjoy your company at our dances!
I have had word from Doreen that she is willing to take on the secretary’s job on a share basis, that is, that yours truly remains an assistant secretary. If we have no other nominations we can accept Doreen, we may then look for an assistant treasurer, to help out Joan. This is usually on caller nights and when Joan needs time out. Any takers???

Dates to remember:
Saturday 8th of August – Bundaberg, QCA weekend, Plus 1.30-4pm & MS 7.30-10.30pm, see flyer.
Saturday 15th of August – Gary Petersen, Plus 2-4.30 & MS 7-11pm – Theme is Winter Woollies
Saturday 29th August – Maryborough – Alan Evans
Saturday 5th September – Living Expo Demo 10.30 – 11am & 12. – 12.30pm – we need names!!!!
Saturday 19th September – Glenn Wilson – includes Plus as well, theme is Spring time/Spring clean
Saturday 26th September – Maryborough – Nev McLachlan
As you can see, we get top callers in our district. To keep this happening we all need to check our calendar early and attend our dances whenever possible. Whether we get one square or 5, the cost for the callers remains the same. So make sure you too support our activities.
For events further down the track, check/take a copy of the Events Calendar on the notice board.

Something to back up your argument when asked why you Square Dance,
To all our lovely dancing friends,
I just wanted to share something I heard on the radio (if you haven't heard).
The National Brain Institute has been doing studies for a long time on what the best prevention for Dementia would be, and after all their years of hard work the official answer was: Dance. The contributing factors are Coordination, Aerobic activity, Socializing, and Happiness and of course that secret ingredient of feeling young and beautiful no matter what age.
So please pass this on to your young & not so young dancers, mine loved hearing it.
And here's to a long life of dancing and being able to remember our way home after.

Please remember too if you have anything to put into our next edition, please let us have it, it may encourage an earlier issue. You can send any copy to our very own email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Keep well, keep smiling and most of all    
Keep dancing. See you on the floor    

Till next time,
Samantha – Assistant Secretary