Hervey Bay Square Dance Club Inc.
Newsletter December 2009
President: Alec Webster 41248606    41248606
Secretary: Doreen Wright 41946647
Treasurer: Joan 41249593

Maybe you didn’t expect this, but we often get what we least expect.
So here’s the final Newsletter for 2009.  I have often asked, rarely received, newsy bits to include, I’ll just remind you again, if you have anything, share it, easy as sending it in an email to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or write it on a slip of paper and hand it to Doreen or Samantha. (just like all your suggestions, ideas, comments and praises)

I am glad I left this Newsletter so late, because now I can rave about our fabulous Christmas Dinner Party. It looked splendid, lots of hands made light work and judging by the sound we created, a great time was had by all. Well done everyone, all the elves behind the scenes, all you quite achievers and all those we notice anyway, THANK YOU!  A wonderful team effort and a credit to our club.

There are some great photos from the event, I am sure Michiel has lots, Doris put all their pictures on a CD, which makes lovely viewing. If you have any to share, please do, if you would like to look at the CD, we can do a pass-around.

The rest of 2009 I will leave behind. We were there; we had wonderful times, great achievements, some sad tidings and lots of dancing and making friends. Our recent graduates have been warmly enfolded into our club and they certainly make a happy and friendly addition. to all our new members!

Looking at 2010 there will be lots happening on the dancing scene, and most very close around us. A large number of caller nights have been booked. Between Maryborough and Hervey Bay you can have fun nights virtually every fortnight. Make sure you support those events, so mark them on your calendar, the more the merrier.
During our break some things need to be looked at, Australia Day springs to mind. We have been contacted by River Heads for a performance; Michiel will coordinate this, if we have the willing participants. Doreen, Samantha and Eileen will be away till early February. Please indicate your availability now, no good proceeding if we can’t get the bodies.

Next on our agenda is our Birthday Bash on March the 27th, yes, this is after our Come-and-try afternoon. Please get in touch with Coraleen with ideas, get together come up with something funtastic. After all it is a celebration!  Coraleen’s phone number is 4194 2159, the other people already on our Birthday Subcommittee are Jean, Nellie, Eileen and Samantha. All suggestions are welcome.

Just in the week before our Birthday Bash we have arranged for Brian Hotchkies to call on our Club nights. How lucky are we? Many of our CDs are from Brian, and we now have a full disc with 6 couple calls. We have tried several tracks and the CD allows people to become familiar with 6 couple Squares (or is that Oblongs?) with a few basic tracks. The fun really begins when we do Spin Chain Thru with six couples. This CD promises a lot of laughs, but also great dancing and brain exercise.
The other new CD, also from Brian contains 50/50 Hoedowns and singers, we are so lucky.

On the 20th of February we have planned a social BBQ. Can people please check out various venues/locations and come back with good ideas, it’s only 3 weeks after we return.
Perhaps we can think of some fun things to do as well?

On the Grants front, we are awaiting a decision on the laptop application, and the RADF will meet in February and decide if we get financial support for our Come-and-Try events.
Those applications require a lot of work, thanks mainly to Doreen,
but also to those who have lent a hand. Well done.

New flyers have been run off to advertise our starting date, please take a copy and place it in a prominent position on a public noticeboard. Other Clubs are good, or Community centres and offices. (PS, if you have ideas on flashing up the flyer, or how it can be more appealing or informative, please send an email or pass a note)

Looking again at next year, think about how you feel about including learning Plus moves into our program. First whether you would be interested, and second, if this could be part of the Wednesday, or needs to be separate. Remember that we have old tapes, which are slowly copied onto CDs, which include moves that once use to be Mainstream, therefore, to dance those, we need to know the moves. Give it a thought.

Our Committee will meet on February the 8th 2010, to make sure your ideas and opinions are considered, let us know how you feel, put any suggestions down and we have something to work with. Every little bit helps.

Our Birthday People need to have a mention and sorry we won’t be there to help you celebrate; In December there’s Daphne  on 13th (!!!naughty, naughty, we let it pass without a mention!!!) Doreen 14th, Colin Banks 16th, Meryl 23rd.
In January we have Colin Carlisle on 6th, Jean and Keith share the 10th, Coraleen on the 18th, Samantha 23rd and  Shirley on the 28th.
I will include the February bunch as well as I can not see a Newsletter eventuating that soon; Margaret celebrates on 1st, Nellie 2nd, Wendy 3rd, (just joking, it is really the 12th), Norm  on the 17th.
All Birthday People, have a very Happy Birthday and many Happy Returns!

To our lovely Jean, so sorry to see you end the year in hospital. We are very lucky to have you with us on our Thursday break up, you are a shining light, in spite of your injuries you can still laugh and smile!  We wish you a speedy and full recovery and strength to cope with your physio and pain. Get well soon Lady Jean!

To Edith, our very best wishes at this difficult time. We are sorry you couldn’t get to our Christmas Dinner Party. We wish you better times throughout 2010.

Remember these most important dates to start off 2010;
January 26th Australia Day – check with Michiel on 41252591
January 27th Wednesday start-up
February 1st Plus restart – Please check numbers on the Wednesday
February 4th Thursday returns with just social dancing 1.30-3.30 (till April)
For the other dates, refer your calendar of events!!! (that’s why you got it)

For sharing the friendship, the fun, the joy and the frustrations of Square Dancing.  You helped to make 2009 a wonderful year with lots of fun and learning.  Let’s do it all again in 2010!

That’s it for now
Wishing you a joyous, merry Festive Season and
May your troubles be less,
Your blessings more,
And may nothing but happiness
Come through your door.

If you are driving to be with family or friends, take care, remember others may not have the same driving expertise.
If you are flying anywhere, remember your broom.
Keep safe, stay calm, and enjoy the journey. The destination is only part of the whole.

Happy  dancing