Hervey Bay Square Dance Club Inc.
Newsletter May/June 2010
President: Tony Quattromani 4125 5091    41248606
Secretary: Doreen Wright 4194 6647
Treasurer: Alec 4124 8606    

Well, here we are, hitting winter and some of us will be foolish enough to travel South to even cooler climes, just to dance. Such is our dedication. It’s been a couple of months since our last Newsletter, and as there is a shortage of copy, I’ll have to check the minutes of the various meetings to bring everyone up to date.

There was so much on our activities lists at the start of the year that it was daunting. Not only did we have the 21st of both Maryborough and Hervey Bay, started up our learners sessions after 2 ‘come-and-try’s, had Brian Hotchkies calling on our week nights and still had caller nights, but many dancers also attended events outside the region. Hervey Bay had a representation of 11 dancers at Buderim’s Easter Festival and 14 enjoyed Snakes Alive, the annual event with Brian Hotchkies hosted by EzSquares of Caboolture. For some this was their first taste of out-side events and I think it is safe to say that the experience has made them even more addicted to the Square Dance cult than before. What a lot of fun we had!

On the home front we have settled into our weekly routines. Our learners have had several weeks of tuition and are progressing well. There are a few hitches with various people starting late or having to miss a week or more, which makes it necessary to back track a bit. Thanks goes to our large number of wonderful angels, who tirelessly assist the stragglers. From both the teaching side and the learners point it is absolutely essential that there’s help available.

The Wednesday night has enticed 4 learners, and the Thursday looks like ending up with 11 or 12. Several weeks we have been dancing with 3 squares on Thursday, this really helps as it allows us to spread the learners. So if you can join us on Thursday from 1pm, please do, it will make it easier on the other angels. For the Wednesday we might be able to do a bit of rostering. A lot of people find 6 o’clock too early, so talk among yourselves and see if you can alternate with somebody.

Talking about angels, if you are helping regularly with the learners and you did not get your angel yet, see Samantha, and ask Tony to fix it to your badge, if you would like that.

A brand new learner group has started on Monday night with PLUS. After a short run of trying to include learning PLUS moves on our Wednesday nights it was decided to move it to Monday. This will enable more moves to be taught. PLUS may still be taught on Wednesday for those who can’t commit to Monday. We must remember that a PLUS session is meant to be part of Wednesday and should not be seen as an interruption and with a large portion of our members now dancing PLUS there will be fewer people sitting out.  (could be a good time to have a cuppa and/or watch) A big thank you to Daphne for agreeing to support the PLUS learners, thanks also to the angels for making up a square.

When it comes to supporting our club we need to remind everyone to have-a-go at doing the music. If you are unsure, ask for someone to help a couple of times. Currently it is just a hand full of people, which means their turn comes around every few weeks. Remember that by choosing the music, you actually get the chance to include your favourite callers and songs. So be game, include your name. (you’ve got our support)

We are still looking for people to help with transcribing our CDs. Having a listing of the moves for each track will enhance our dancing. It makes it possible to determine the complexity of a track at a glance. This in turn will assist with choosing suitable music, warm-ups, challenging or relaxing, special moves to practice etc. A list of standardised move abbreviations will be made available to condense the transcripts to fit the album page. Please include the track title for quick reference and put HD at the start of the track description if it’s a Hoedown (=same as ‘Patter’)

Some of you will be aware that we were not successful in our grant application for a laptop and accessories. As the purchase of a laptop has been on the agenda for longer than we care to recall, it has been decided to go ahead and purchase one ourselves. Tony has contacted 7 local computer dealers and discussed our club’s needs. By the time this reaches you we most likely are already the proud owners of an Asus Laptop. In due course we will be able to use this to run our club nights. It will take some time to set it up so we can easily up-load our music and program our nights.

Michiel has stored our music on his own computer for years and as the database is getting more and more extensive it was decided to purchase and external hard drive to accommodate all our CDs. This will at the same time safe guard our data in case of a computer failure. Maybe we could look at an additional external unit to have solely for dance night use, this will avoid having to ferry the unit from Michiel to the club and back. They can be set up to be aligned at regular intervals, another safety net.

We are trying to provide members with names and addresses of fellow members, however, we need your consent to have your name included. Can you please check that you have signed the consent form if you are happy to be included. The final list will be sent out this week. Please, don’t panic, if you did not sign, your name will not appear on the list.

Are you any good with painting? The sign at the front of Dan’Dinna House could do with a face lift. Alec had offered to check it out, but due to illness and other commitments it had to be postponed. If you are willing and able, have a chat with Tony and Alec to see how it can be arranged. The phone number on the sign is Alf’s, who is happy to leave it there. Any ideas on how to jazz it up, rather than just repaint it? What about the times?

We have received a time table from the Sunrise Rotary Group for our demonstration on the 4th September at the Garden Fair. Hervey Bay Square Dancers are on stage 1, at 12 – 12.25pm. Please put it on your calendar.

To avoid large number print-outs we are re-instating the rotation system of the Bugle, the Suncoaster Newsletter and the Review. Please check the notice board. Each club copy will have a tick list attached. If your name was omitted, I am sorry, but please add it. It is up to the borrowers to ensure quick turn-arounds, it is not much good if they stay on somebody’s bedside table for 3 weeks.

We have increased our order for the review and named copies will be available once they arrive for those who placed a permanent order. We have advised the new editor of the late receipt of Review Issues. With a bit of luck this will be resolved as of June.

A huge thank you is in order for Elaine, one of our Monday PLUS dancers, for donating a 5CD changer and a brilliant turn table to the club. Both units are in excellent condition, feel free to familiarise yourself with the equipment. The use of a 5 CD changer has made the learner’s sessions so much easier to organise, you just plop the CDs in their slots, take note of their number and you can skip from track to track on the various CDs. Our club caller Norm has embraced the superior quality of the record player for the enjoyment of all of us. What a wonderful gift! Thank you, Elaine!

Remember that although Hervey Bay does not have a caller till July, Maryborough has Glen Wilson and Margaret Baines on June 12th. It is the same weekend as the National Convention in Wodonga, if you are not travelling South, support Maryborough. To all those who will gather Under the Big Top, we wish you safe travels, have a whale of a time and bring back lots of happy stories.

In closing we remember both the happy and the sad.
With the passing of Patrick O’Hara the Square Dance world is a little poorer. Patrick will always be remembered for his joyful and fun-loving approach to Square Dancing. The twinkle in his eyes and his ready smile, together with his mischief on the floor will forever be carried in fond memories close to our hearts. God Bless, Patrick.

Our best wishes and thoughts go to Joan, who is still in hospital. This is a very difficult time for Joan and our hearts go out to her. Try and pop in when you are in Maryborough, visitors bring some cheer and are most welcome.

The following people will be celebrating their Birthday in the coming months;
In June we have Judith on the 3rd and John on the 26th.
In July there’s Glenda on 16th and Eileen on 25th.  Many Happy Returns to you and celebrate your special day in style!

Please remind our learners that a cuppa after their lesson is part of the session. This allows the mind to unwind and is a good opportunity to socialise. After all, Square Dancing is about Fun and Friendship, the moves are arbitrary.              
Wherever you go, whatever you do, enjoy it while you can.
May your days be filled with joy and laughter and may your nights be peaceful and revitalising.