Hervey Bay Square Dance Club Inc.
Newsletter December  2010
President: Tony Quattromani 4125 5091    41248606
Secretary: Doreen Wright 4194 6647
Treasurer Wendy 4128 2279    

Last one for 2010!!! Just to make sure you will remember all the things we have been asking for and telling you about.
Those who attended will know that our Christmas dinner-cum-party night was a great success. We laughed a lot, ate a lot and enjoyed a fun night with enough dancing to keep most people happy. (We all know you can’t please everybody all of the time) A big THANK YOU goes to everyone who contributed to the night (that was all of us??) and a special thank you to our resident pastry cook who made such delicious apple pies.

I am sure the night  with Glenn & Margaret will also be a lot of fun, in spite of so many of our members being away, enjoying themselves somewhere else, or rather sadly, being not well enough to join in. Our thoughts are with Wendy and Jean, who are recovering from a nasty car crash. Glenda is always foremost in our minds and we hope that all our best wishes help her through these trying times. There are several of our dancers suffering from bad backs, legs that won’t cooperate and hips that don’t function too smooth. Let’s hope a bit of a break will help with the healing, if your body is giving you a hard time take time out to put your feet up, do your gentle exercises and relax, so you’ll get better soon.

Our Caller nights for next year have all been set for the 1st Saturday of each month. We will not have a caller every month, but for now I will leave the bookings. Our first social night is on the 5th of February, our first week back, and the program is made up of the favourite tunes people have selected. If this is successful we can consider running more of those to complement caller nights. Please be aware that caller nights will be $6.00 in 2011, as voted for at our last general meeting. PLUS remains at $4.00. The calendar of callers will be set out separately.

There’s a note about learners for 2011 in the last minutes. I just want to make it clear that we will not be starting a new learner class until further notice. All that will be done is incorporate our current learners into our Mainstream program and assist them with consolidating their moves. I will use the last lot of learner CDs for the first 30 minutes as an intensive revision session. This will be good for all of us. We will start at 7pm so we will always have a square and thus ease the pressure of a handful of people who religiously turned up at 6pm to help with the learners.  A huge thank you to those dedicated volunteers!!

Can you please re-read your last Newsletter. We asked for people to volunteer to create programs for the Wednesday night.
The book, which was used for the ‘Favourite Tunes’ night, can be borrowed to compile a program.
This was done for our PLUS night and has proven to be very successful.
I am happy to enter the selections as a playlist, which makes it easy on a dance night.  
Instructions on how to run a playlist are with the laptop, but again, I am happy to show anyone willing to learn.

There was also a wish list, so far Tony’s efforts to have a storage cupboard donated has fallen on deaf ears. Maybe next year?
If you are willing to lend a hand during the break sorting and tidying, painting and cleaning our cubby hole, please let me know. I hope I’ve covered all fields, otherwise it will wait till next year. If you have any suggestions to improve the dancing or just do things differently, feel free to share your ideas. There’s always more than one way to skin a cat. I feel that people sometimes keep their ideas to themselves for fear of ending up with the jobs, right?

A very Happy Birthday to the following people
For December 23rd there’s Meryl.
In January there’s: Colin on 6th, Jean & Keith share 10th, Coraleen 18th, Samantha 23rd and Shirley 28th.
For February there’s Nellie on 2nd, Wendy S the 12th and Norm D on 17th.
Many happy returns to all of you! Hope you have a great day with lots of spoiling and special things.
(You already had your presents at Christmas, sorry)

To each and everyone a very warm and sincere THANK YOU for keeping our club a happy place to come to, for the contributions you have made in 2010, for taking on any of those quiet jobs that need doing, like washing tea towels, buying our supplies, setting up or cleaning up at supper times. Mostly your efforts are just taken for granted, but know that they are ALWAYS appreciated. A huge thank you, as always, to our band of angels, (or is it a cluster, or a flock, any takers?) without your presence the learners would not happen. We are so lucky to have you. You will be pleased to get a little reprieve next year and have time to eat your dinner and lunch with less haste.

To all; a most joyous Christmas filled with laughter and happy moments.
May 2011 keep you in good health so you can keep on enjoying the things you love most.
Here’s wishing some of your dreams will come true this coming year.

Should you be driving anywhere, be weary of all the other drivers,
not all of them are as careful as you.
Keep safe, keep smiling and be happy! (There’s a lot to be grateful for)
Enjoy the break

Note these dates in your diary, on your calendar or stick it on the fridge:

Changed times or days are in BOLD
December     31    Maryborough New Years Eve
January     27    Thursday Bunch restarts - session 1.30 – 3.30
31    Monday PLUS – 7-9pm
February    01    Wednesday’s back – 7-10pm
05    Saturday Social – Favourite Tunes 7-10.30pm
March    12    Maryborough – Gary Petersen
16    Wednesday Mainstream Social with Brian Hotchkies 7-10.30pm
21    Monday 50/50Social with Brian Hotchkies 7-10.30pm
April    02    David Smythe – Graduation Night
09    Maryborough – David Habler
15/16     Caboolture – Snakes Alive with Brian Hotchkies
May    07    Kay Walker – Ribbons & Bows & lace
27/29    Toowoomba State Convention    
June    04    TBA – maybe an in-house social???
10/13    Darwin National Convention
July    02    Maryborough – Wide Bay Caller Cuer Meeting & Dance
22/23    Maryborough – David Smythe - Christmas in July
August    06    Glenn Wilson – Rock & Roll theme
13/14    Maryborough – QCA School – meeting & dance
September    10    Maryborough – Kay Walker
October    01    Alan Evans – to be confirmed
21/23    Mother Mountain Shindig
November    12    Matthew Mills
December    03    Sid Leighton – Christmas Dance
07??    Wednesday Christmas Dinner & party Night
09    Maryborough – Friday David Smythe Christmas dinner & dance
14    Wednesday last dance
15    Thursday break up party
19    Monday final
31    Maryborough New Years Eve