The Banana Benders Bugle

Because of the current size of the Bugle, we are no longer able to upload them.

Please find your way to and peruse the current and past issues there.



The same applies to Suncoasters Newsletter, so follow the link to and get the latest news for Buderim straight from the horses mouth.


Review - e-edition

The Review is published on a quarterly basis and is made available online.

If you wish to print it follow the instructions HERE.

To go directly to the Review section on the National Website follow this link:


This also means that you'll always get the latest updates, even if we can't keep up with the web work load.
Happy reading!

Hervey Bay Square Dancers Nostalgia

Hervey Bay Newsletters are left for interest's sake.
No Newsletters were produced since 2011, 'cause now we have a WEB SITE!!!